Single Phase / Three Phase, Indoor, air cooled, enclosed.


1.Isolation Transformer:

Any Double Wound Transformer is internally an isolation transformer as the primary and secondary are isolated from one another through insulation. However, modern machines and systems need a truly isolated, clean and stable power requirement. This is ensured by an Ultra Isolation Transformer (UIT), it provides for total electrical and electrostatic isolation with most effective screening of spikes, surges and transients, further it gives a true isolated local neutral and dedicated earth which is very essential for modern machines. Ultra isolation Transformer attenuates common mode noise and transverse mode noise and provides for noise or interference free power. In principle, UIT only transfers 50 Hz. Power by transformers action through mutual inductance. It prevents transfer of RF and HF disturbances with extensive insulation between primary and secondary. The insulation levels withstands HV breakdown strength of 2.5 KV and gives a DC Galvanic isolation of above 1000 megohms.

2.Ingress Protection for enclosure for isolation Transformer:

AE Isolation Transformer conform to IP-20 protection as per IS / IEC : 60529 : 2001 Requirements for other degree of protection can be offered on request.

3.Details of Earthling for Isolation Transformers:

It is recommended that every isolation Transformer should have its own grounded earth, complete in itself.

4.Constructional Features of Isolation Transformers:

Isolation Transformer shall invariably be in one air cooled section. The enclosures are constructed from M.S. angles and CRCA M.S. sheets of best quality The professional painting process comprises of (i) 7-tank pre-treatment (ii) Primer Coating and (iii)Two coats of final finish paint or powder coating of specified shade.


  • Ratio: 415 V / 415 V 3ph or 240 /240V 1ph. Nominal
  • Acceptable Input Range: ±10%
  • Mode of operation : 1:1
  • Isolation Transformer Frequency: 47 to 63 Hz.
  • Common mode noise rejection: Over 100 dB
  • Coupling Capacitances:0.012 PF
  • DC Galvanic Isolation: Over 500 Megohms between any winding or windings to ground
  • Breakdown strength: 2500 VAC for 2 minutes
  • Load Regulation: Within 3 to 5 %
  • Termination: On Terminal Plate

Ordering Information

Input voltage, output voltage. Capacity Number of phases, CMNR value, coupling capacitances value