Description :

These are basically two phase motors. Two-phase supply is normally not available, hence to operate the motors from single phase AC supply, second phase is artificially created by inserting a Capacitor and Resistor combination in series with one of the motor phase windings. Suitable combination of Capacitor and Resistor assembly is supplied along with the motor. The speed of revolution is 60 RPM at 50Hz. Instant stop & reversibility are achieved by means of a single-pole, double throw switch with center OFF position.

Features :

  • Instant start & stop.
  • The motors have permanent magnet on the toothed rotor. The rotor is locked with matching teeth on stator, as soon as power is switched OFF.
  • Starting & running current are same.
  • Maximum Torque is 15 to 20% higher than nominal torque.

Electrical Specifications :

Type :SS-32SS-72SS-102SS-202SS-302
Voltage :240V.A.C.240V.A.C240V.A.C.240V.A.C.240V.A.C.
Current :100mA100mA200mA300mA500mA
Resistor :1kO / 15W1kO / 15W1.8kO / 20W800O / 100W235O / 200W
Capacitor :0.7mfd / 400V.A.C.0.7mfd / 400V.A.C.1.0mfd / 400V.A.C.3.0mfd / 400V.A.C.4.0mfd / 400V.A.C.
Nom.Torque :3kg cm7kg cm10kg cm20kg cm30kg cm

Mechanical specifications :

ac synchronous motor-mech spe-1
Dimensions / Type :ABCDEFGØ
SS-32 / SS-72 :87SQ.825701711270SQ.71.3
ac synchronous motor-mech spe-2
Dimensions / TypeABCDEFGØHWt. kg
ac synchronous motor-mech spe-3

Ordering Information :

  1. Type.