Single Phase Digital Panel Meter : True RMS Ammeter & Voltmeter 96 X 96 mm sizes.


Ordering information:

1) Meter type : Ammeter / Voltmeter

2) Measuring range

3) Auxilliary Supply

4) Display size (0.5″/0.8″)


“Highly Adaptable DPMs suitable for a wide range of measuring applications”. The measurable input current/voltage is user programmable. Aux. Supply is galvanically isolated from measuring circuit.Measuring range is from 1 % to 120 % of the full scale indication. CT Ratio / PT Ratio are fully programmable through front Two switches provided on the Front side. User can enjoy the freedom to set primary value as well secondary values suitable for his application. (for Voltmeter (KVAC) Primary – upto 7999 kV & for Ammeter Primary – upto 7999A)



  • True RMS measurement.
  • State of Art Microcontroller Based Design.
  • 3PH. AC Current and Voltage ranges.
  • Onsite Programmable CT/PT ratio.
  • 4 digit ultra bright LED Display.


The digital panel meters AE DPM 96 have been designed for Industrial applications, i.e. electrical Panels required for Generation, Distribution & Commercial purpose.

Meter Dimensions & Installation cut out:


Connection Diagram: