Description :

Moving Coil Instruments are protected from damage or breakage under adverse conditions due to spring loaded jewel & pivot system. These Instruments are free from external magnetic field influences because of centre magnet system and are “CE” certified.

Voltmeters are made upto 600V for direct connection and upto 1200V with / without external multiplier with sensitivity 1000 ohms / V. Higher sensitivities are available. Scale printed for other variables viz. Speed, Temp, pH, kW, kVAR, Hz or Cos ¢ (p, etc. can be supplied on request.Ammeters with internal shunts are available upto 30 Amps and for higher currents upto 12000 Amps use external shunts of 50mV, 60mV, 75mV etc. (Please refer data sheet no. Shunt 03/99.)


Features :

  • Scale : Linear
  • scale Color : Special colour scales & marks for different ranges, (on request).
  • Glass : Anti-glare, (on request).
  • Housing : Engineering plastic.
  • Terminal protection : Shrouded terminals to protect from accident, (on request).

Electrical Specifications :

Type : Moving Coil Slide in scale.
Operating Voltage : 50mV to 600V.
Operating Current : l00nA to 30A. & Above 30A external shunt.
Accuracy : Class 1.5.
Dielectric Test : 2kV RMS for 1 min.
Overload Continous : 1.2 times.
Overload Shorttime : 2 times VN / 10 times IN for 5 seconds.
Operating Temp : -10°C to 55°C.
Storage Temp : -20°C to 70°C.
Humidity : up to 95% RH
Conforms To : I.S. 1248 / I.E.C. 60051 (Part 2).

Mechanical Specifications :


Note :  Meters Are Also Available In 48X48X45 (Smc 48) & 144 X 144 X 60 (Smc 144) In Non Slide In Dial Version.


Ordering Information :

1) Type 2) Model 3) Operating Voltage / Current 4) mV in case of Ammeter with external shunt.