Description :

Moving coil instruments with circular scale of 240° employ a platinum taut band for suspension of moving coil assembly instead of pivot & jewel system. It is less prone to sluggishness & zero shift due to frictionless movement.

These meters are basically used for the measurement of DC current & voltage, and can be used with built in rectifier for the measurement of AC current & voltage in the frequency range 45~65Hz. / 400Hz. The meters measure average value. It can be scaled to indicate RMS values (on request).

These instruments are not recommended for non-sinusoidal waveforms of current & voltage. The other indications like Frequency, Power & Power factor can be offered with suitable external transducers. Speed indication is possible if used with AC tacho-generator (not in the scope of AE).


Features :

  • Long scale instruments.

Electrical Specifications :

Type : Moving Coil 240°
Operating Voltage : 60mV to 600V.
Operating Current : 500µA to 30A & Above 30A with external shunt.
Accuracy Class : 2.5 for SQ48, 1.5 for SQ72 & SQ96, 1.0 for SQ14 4, SQ110.
Dielectric Test : 2kV RMS for 1 min.
Operating Temp : -10°C to 55°C
Storage Temp : -20°C to 70°C
Humidity : Up to 95% RH
Conforms To : I.S. 1248 / I.E.C. 60051 (Part 2)

Note : Range below minimum & above maximum on request if feasible.

Accuracy Class 0.5 for all Frequency meters, 1.5 for SQ96,SQ144,SQ110, AC Ammeter,

AC / Ammeter / Voltmeter & Power meter, 2° for all Power Factor meter,

BSQ48 – i) DC / AC Voltmeter, AC Ammeter with external box. ii) Frequency meter, Power meter with external transducer box.

CFor higher ranges use AE external shunts. (Refer Data Sheet for Shunts).

DSQ72 – Power & Power factor meter with external transducer box.

ESQ 110-Power meter with external transducer box..

Mechanical Specifications :


ADepth 100mm for SQ96 & SQ144 Power meter.

BWeight 1.2kg for SQ96 Power meter, 1.5kg for SQ144 Power meter.

Ordering Information :

1) Type 2) Model 3) Range For all & additional 4) Frequency 5) Operating Voltage 6) Operating Current 7) PTR 8) CTR For Power & Power Factor measurement.