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Range of Manufacture :

  1. Tapewound ring type current Transformers with and without mounting arrangements.
  2. Tapewound ring type CTs with sealing arrangements.
  3. Tapewound wound primary CTs (WPL)
  4. Resincast (epoxy) BPL CTs.
  5. Resincast (epoxy) wound primary (WPL) CTs.
  6. Bushing CTs (Fibreglass taped).

Core Balance CTs (Resincast) :

These are used in detecting earth faults of very small magnitude. A three phase cable is passed through these CTs & the unbalanced currents in the three phases set up a differential flux giving rise to a current on the secondary side of these CTs sufficient to actuate a relay.

Interposing Current Transformers (Resincast) :

Used in matching the ratios of main feeder CTs for differential protection schemes. These also find application as saturable CTs used in conjunction with main feeder CTs and thus protect the meters connected to these by limiting the current flowing through the meters.

Summation CTs (Resincast) :

Current transformers intended to summate the currents in a number of feeders in association with the feeder Cts is called summation Transformer. The performance / testing of these CTs are governed by IS-6949-1973, BS-3938, IEC-185.

Bushing CTs (Fibreglass Taped) :

Widely used by Transformer manufacturers for use in oil.

Portable CTs :

With class 0.2 accuracy for metering & testing purpose.

Furnace CTs :

CTs with ABS Casing and with Sealing Arrangements :

Widely used by Electricity Board along with Energy meters.

Low Tension Potential Transformer (Tapewound / Resincast) :

These are offered in various ratios from 1100/110V to 50/ 75V to suit the exact applications of the clients. Rated burdens upto IOOVA with accuracy classes of I or 0.5 can be offered. Various other types of low tension instruments transformers are also manufactured by us to suit the exact requirements of our clients. Our team of specialised Engineers will be pleased to be of assistance to the clients in proper selection of instrument transformers for their applications.

Protection and Class PS (Class X) CTs both in tapewound / Resincast :

CTs, With class ‘PS’/ class’X’for differential protection / BUS coupler application.