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Description :

The stabilizer consists of a multiple tap auto transformer and solid state control circuit This maintains the output village within ± 12% of nominal voltage for large variations in input voltageI. These can be used for Air conditioners, refrigerators, lights loads etc.

Features :

  • Tripping of output village during under voltage and overvoltage conditions.
  • Provision of time delay after startup, under voltage cut of and over voltages cut of conditions.
  • In case time delay is not required, then the stabiliser can be switched on by pressing the instant Start push button provided on the front side.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Provision of status LED’s for input ON, input On equal voltage (low) and input voltage (High) on the front side.

Technical Specifications :

Input Voltage : 170V to 270V Ac
Output Voltage : 225V ± 12% AC
Output Current : 14Amp
Capacity : 4KVA
Regulation : Better than 2%
Under voltage out put : 140V
Over voltage out put : 280V
Time Delay : 120 Seconds (Approximately)
Size : (250 x 180x170) cubic mm
Weight : Max.15kg. (depending on the model).